2008 Exhibition

2008 – Werner A. Schöffel erklärt die Arbeit

As part of the Triennal of Photography in Hamburg 2008 the artist presents among other objects, ·Three Topics, Three Places ·. The temporary image was presented as a lab report to the Tour-4-visitors.

Yellow ochre on canvas, format: 200 by 100 cm

Exhibition concept

rote Spur im Ocker

Installation: For ·Path of the Sun as Shadow Track·, ocher is spread over the canvas through a sieve. Ocher, one of the most ancient color pigments and even used for cave painting, conveys the curves of the path of the sun as a horizontal image. The artist uses a focused beam of light to redraw the trace of the sun. The subtle alterations of the soil pigments are caused by heat. The author, the sculpture – they do not take each other all that seriously any longer. The image is a silent symbol, a gust of wind or any direct contact would destroy it immediately. A tiny symbol because the big, noisy, huge and exciting symbols are set by man himself through his unrelenting actions.
Why concern yourself with the durable, since everybody is constantly behaving in a disrespectful manner.