[…] These disembodied ink prints on raw wooden sheets made by Werner Schöffel ask the observers riddle. They stimulate the village road on the left and on the right like signs for construction areas.

Holsteinischer Courier, 2013


[…] Werner Schöffel projects the single time layers on top of each other and illustrates what is normally only imaginable: time.

Bildwerk3, Onlinemagazin für zeitgenössische Fotografie, 2010 (online magazine for contemporary photography)


[…] Time, duration and perishability are again the topics of the fantastic photographic project „Beyond duration“ (Über Dauer hinweg). […] It substitutes whole essays and exhibitions about the issue of time.

Blog »Unter Geiern« (Amongst vulture), 2008


[…] In the meantime Werner Schöffel, the artist who seeks the outstanding in everyday occurances, has finished his project „Beyond duration“ […]

Nürnberger Nachrichten, 2008

[…] The way of understanding things is completely exceptional. […]

Augsburger Allgemeine, 2002


[…] In addtion, his work has to be recognised conceptionally. Digital and analog photographs poles apart in technique and outcome, anyhow the mental setting ist the same. […]

Südwest-Presse, Ulm 1998


[…] in a manner of visualised dialogue with places that have been deserted long time ago. […]

Schwäbische Zeitung, Ulm 1996


[…] Rigorous poesy and veiled magic shape the extraordinary photographs […]

Nürnberger Nachrichten, 1992


[…] is he name of the shown photographic series in which the main actors are absenteeism and abstraction: precisly because it’s the wind […]

Frankenpost, Hof 1992


[…] Phantasy and the ability of unveiling are forced from the observer. That provides the attraction of the mysteriously alienated stranger. […]

Fränkischer Tag, Bamberg 1992


[…] The common aspect of these photographs is a dynamic that leads the final shape of the art work into various directions. Literally one stands infront of an open piece of art. […]

Kurt Kaindl in Wiener Zeitung, 1988