·ainlif· 11 places, 11 subjects, 11 moments

The current project, to be completed in 2020 is based on the following concept:

  • I visit one place a month, eleven places in eleven months in total (January is the month of rest).
  • I take one picture a year of each place that leads to eleven pictures per year and 121 pictures in the total of eleven years.
  • The eleven photographs of each place are being layered to constitute one single image.
  • The final presentation will comprise 11 condensed and layered moments.

The unpretentious places are individually changing within time.

Eleven is the number of remainder and of sin. It has exceeded the decalogue which can be counted using one’s fingers. Hence it is the number of fools, who know no order and stands between ten and twelve. Twelve is the overall regulative number i.e. of Christ’s disciples, the number of months in a year and hours in the day. This work is a projection into the future – hence perfection cannot be attained. The result can only be devised. The eleven moments are being condensed – tightly packed – as if the author sought to capture time, never to let go of it again.