2010 die nacht Ausstellung

Blick in die Ausstellung in Trier und auf die beiden ausgestellten Bilder

die nacht (the night)-Magazine of Photography – presented its artists from January 9th t February 21st 2010 at TUFA Trier. Werner A. Schöffel introduced the layering of “Beyond duration” (174 × 143 cm, inkjet print on aludibond laminated). 21 selected photos of the cartwheel (1 image per year) were exposed on lap of each other to create the final image. Being a condensed account of the past this layering reveals its unsettling dimension only gradually. The forces surrounding the cartwheel become visible. The past is manifest even though it has ceased to exist. Time is perceived as a final chord.
To the right: pedological information (50 cm × 38 cm, laser exposure on clear slides, spread on a LED box with area light). The part of the cartwheel that was buried in the ground for 20 years was cause for a portrait of the complete wheel.
The first image shows cumulated time whereas in the second the dug-out time is powerfully present.

After all, time always has a visible and a hidden aspect.

2010 Reinbek

Blick auf das ausgestellte Bild

On August 28th and 29th, 2010, the final chord of ·Beyond duration· during "Kunstwerk Werkkunst XVI" in Reinbek’s manor house (near Hamburg).

2008 Ruth Sachse | Kunst der Gegenwart

Blick in die Vitrine zur Ausstellung

Vitrinenreich* - Ruth Sachse | Kunst der Gegenwart (contemporary art) displayed artworks by Werner A. Schöffel in public space. 17 galleries and exhibition sites participated in guided tours on April 21st , 2008. In the context of the triennal of photography 2008 these tours offered the chance to approach comparatively to established and thrillingly new positions of art. Werner A. Schöffel took interested parties along tour 4 into the realm of “Vitrinenreich” on April 21st, 2008.

The displayed photograph, taken from the series ·Beyond duration·, shows a layering of 21 photographs of which each represents one year. *a pun which can be interpreted as either “rich in showcases" or “realm of showcases”

2000 Zeitläufe

Bilder aus der Ausstellung 2000

The opus 'Beyond duration' was exhibited during 'Neu-Ulmer Kunst-und Kulturtage' in 2000 (New Ulm Art and Culture days). The presentation was meant to be a laboratory account from a work in progress.